Dhurrie Rugs

Dhurrie  noun  dhur·rie ˈdə-rē, ˈdər-ē: a thick flat-woven cotton or wool cloth or rug made in India.
Dhurries are lightweight rugs which are flat-woven on a horizontal loom. You may also know them by their Turkish name: kilim.  The designs can vary from simple to very intricate geomatrical patterns.

These sturdy rugs are ideal for heavy used spaces, such as your hallway or living room and come in a wide variety of colours.
Bonam Home rugs are made from cotton, wool. We also sell dhurries made from PET yarn (recycled plastic bottles) which you can use indoors as well as outdoors. See our Indoor Outdoor Rugs section for our PET yarn dhurries.

We use New Zealand wool, organic cotton and eco friendly dyes for our dhurries.
And even more importantly: all dhurries were made with love and care by highly skilled and experienced artisans in India.

Pick one of our fresh designs to pretty up your room instantly!

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