What is a dhurrie rug?

Dhurrie rug

Have you ever heard of a dhurrie rug? No? Well, a dhurrie rug is a handmade, flatweave rug from India. It actually is the Indian cousin of a Turkish kilim rug.
Dhurrie rugs are traditionally made from natural such as wool, cotton, jute or even silk. Dhurries are not high pile carpets but rather have a flat, woven structure that makes them tough as old boots. These flatweave rugs are available in all shapes and colours. From small rugs (which can be amazing in your bathroom!) to wall-to-wall carpets. From intricate patterns in beautiful, natural colors to modern Scandinavian shapes in neutrals and pastels.

Traditional rugs

Dhurries have been made and used in India for centuries. They were loved not just in the peoples homes, but also in the palaces of the Moghuls. Traditionally the yarn was dyed with natural products such as herbs, vegetable peels, pomegranate, etc. The art of weaving is often passed on to one generation from the other, therefore the weavers are not only highly skilled, but have an extaordinary passion for their craft as well.

Pros dhurrie rugs

– Pick a practical rug: dhurries are reversible, they have the same pattern on both sides
– Choose a rug that will last you a life time: they are very durable rugs and therefor are an excellent choice for any high traffic area
– Go for versatility: these rugs are available in many different sizes, colors and patterns
– Have an effortlessly chic allrounder: flatweave dhurrie rugs can be used in any room of your house
– Change it up a little: dhurries are lightweight and easy to store, making it easy to change rugs every now and then (think summer rug, winter rug)

how can i use a dhurrie in my interior?

Are you not sure about a dhurrie rug yet? Get inspired by the following pictures of how to combine a beautiful dhurrie in a modern interior.

This beautiful rug stands out in a light, bohemian style bedroom. Photocredit: Nicolette Johnson.

A nude color combined with an Indian pattern. This rug is from one of our favorite shops: The Citizenry.

A bright and breezy living room will get instant ambiance and character by adding a rug.

These lovely pastels of this dhurrie from West Elm will add a relaxed vibe to your living room.

This black-and-white dhurrie (IKEA Stockholm runner) can create a cool graphic look.

Dhurries work very well to create a cosy nursery.

The golden pattern of this Mr. Fenton rug combines beautifully with the soft, pink hues of this bedroom. You can shop a similar rug in ourΒ webshop!

A room with a view…. AND a dhurrie πŸ˜‰


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