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On the news and on the internet we’ve all seen them; images of dirty, polluted oceans. Countless square miles with nothing but plastic rubbish floating around. From plastic bags to packaging and empty bottles. Fortunately in the Netherlands, where Bonam Home is based, we use a deposit bottle scheme for water and soda bottles and free plastic bags are banned from our stores.

Did you know that those empty water and soda bottles can be recycled into so called P.E.T. yarn? Which can be used to make clothing. Or shoes, e.g. ADIDAS has a collection of shoes called the Parley collection. Also Rothy’s has a collection of shoes that we think are to die for!


Adidas shoes made of recycled plastic bottles.
Rothy’s pointy model is our favorite!


style your home with recycled plastic?

Not just shoes, but your home too can contribute to cleaner oceans. This P.E.T. yarn makes for beautiful rugs as well. They look and feel as soft as wool, with not even the slightest resemblance of plastic.

What are the pros?

We saved the best for last. These rugs are not only sustainable and good looking. They are also extremely easy in every day use. Just take a look at all these pros:

  • Stain resistant: although the material will absorb fluids, the fibre itself will not easily take in any color.
  • Easy maintenance: cleaning your rug couldn’t be easier. Just hose it off with your garden hose or hold it under a running tap and clean with a soft detergent. Smaller rugs could sporadically be washed on low temperature in the washing machine.
  • Mold, mildew resistant: making this type of rug ideal to use in slightly moist places such as your bathroom.
  • Natural looking: pet yarn very much resembles the look and feel of wool.
  • Durable: pet yarn is very durable and longlasting, making it an excellent choice for your patio or any high traffic area.
  • Colorfast: the material is colorfast
  • Non-allergenic:
  • Vegan: no animals were used in the creation process of this rug.
  • Eco-conscious: last but not least, these rugs are very sustainable. Each rug contains a number of plastic bottles that are recycled into yarn and therefore will not end up as landfill or contribute to the plastic soup in our oceans.

Because of these properties these P.E.T. yarn rugs are not just for indoor use, but could also be used in your garden, patio or humid spaces such as your bathroom. Look for these rugs at Bonam Home at our Indoor Outdoor Rugs section.

Would you like to keep our oceans clean? Look in our webshop and pick one of our fresh and sustainable recycled plastic bottle rugs!


Need more inspiration? Just have a look at these beautiful rugs made of recycled P.E.T. yarn.

This beautiful rug in soft pastels is from Worldmarket

Garden goals! This stylish chevron rug is from Armadillo & Co.

A southwestern inspired rug from Terrain.

Bonam Home, dhurrie rug, recycled plastic bottles, water bottles, upcycling, sustainable living, south western style, indoor outdoor rug
One of Bonam Home’s Indoor/Outdoor rugs. For more see our webshop.

Every hallway needs a rug that can be cleaned easily!

The perfect ourdoor living vibe by Rejuvanation.

Bold graphic patterns in a collection of rugs by Aelfie.


For more rugs that you can use indoors as well as outdoors go visit our webshop.

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