2018: A Year Of Achievments

Dear 2018, thank you for all the lessons. Dear 2019, bring it on!

What kind of year was 2018 for you? Did you find the love of your life? Have you become a parent fort he first time of your life? Have you had to say goodbye to someone dear to you? Or did you, as I did, start your own company?

At the dusk of the new year I like to reflect on the past twelve months.

Family, fireworks and personal growth

2018 began in India for me, surrounded by family and the loudest fire crackers I have ever heard! It was a symbolic end to a turbulent, restless and fierce period in my life with a son who needed a lot of hospital care, an ugly work situation resulting in a bad burnout.

This past year became a year full of personal growth in several fields for me. To successfully overcome a burnout it is important to get rid of your emotional bagage. Sort of like a spring cleaning for your head. Resulting in generally clear blue skies instead of the heavy clouds in my head (to use a metaphore from the Headspace meditation app), which makes me look back a good year. Yeah 2018 was a good year!

So Many Results!

It has been a year of many achievments due to mental and emotional hard work!

In 2018 I have:

  • started my own company
  • build my own website
  • started building a new connection with my fathers birth land; India
  • designed my first Bonam Home collection
  • earned my first truly selfmade money
  • parted with some trauma’s
  • overcome my fear over driving

As I look at this list I can’t help but feeling so proud of myself! Now bring on 2019!!!

I would love to hear of which of your 2018 achievements you are most proud?

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