Springtime in your home

5 ways to give a fresh touch to your interior

Spring is around the corner and it is giving us butterflies! We are craving all things new and fresh. Spring food, spring body, spring home!  Use this tips to freshen up your interior with little effort.

Hello Yellow!

The color green is often used when we think of spring. Sure enough all the trees around us start to grow and bloom again, but why not use yellow for your spring interior? It gives you instant sunshine en makes you happy. You could place a velvet yellow chair in your living room or hang a yellow tapestry on your wall.

Bonam Home 5 x Lente in je interieur
This beautiful linen ocher duvet cover from Casa Modo instantly gives warmth to your bedroom.

Round, soft corners

Round corners in furniture, such as sofas are hot! They might not be suitable for every room, but they have a nice soft, polished look. It sure is something different, and they bring a lot of style.

Bonam Home 5 x Lente in je interieur
The Fig House Lounge in LA .


Oh yes, we still love a little sparkle in our homes. But it has to be subtle. Small golden highlights, or matted gold can add a chic and mature feeling to any room.

Bonam Home 5 x Lente in je interieur
Sophisticated golden accents in Ramshackle Glam’s bathroom.


Rattan: a trend that comes right out of the seventies and will make you feel warm and nostalgic. We have spotted it on chairs and cupboards. And it is equally beautiful on your bedhead on as a room divider.

Bonam Home 5 x Lente in je interieur
Divide any space with this room divider from Urban Outfitters.


Last year Pantone nominated Living Coral as color of the year 2019 and not without reason! We’ve been seeing this color in interiors more and more ever since.  The color makes us feel as if we are holidaying on a tropical island. What more could we wish for?!

Bonam Home 5 x Lente in je interieur
A wall in a coral hue will brighten our mood any day!

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